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胡蝶夢 (Les Papillons) for Piano Solo (2013)

Idea 1 

  I made this piece to describe 胡蝶夢-Dream Of Zhuang Zhou- by using piano. Zhuang Zhou is an influential Chinese philosopher who lived around the 4th century BC, and this music is about his dream. He told the story in the book: One day he became a flying butterfly in his dream. He felt very happy in that moment, so he forgot that he was a human. And after woke up, he realized that he was a man, himself. Then, suddenly he was confused whether he had became a butterfly, or the butterfly had became himself in his dream. This story shows the meaning of the situation that I become one with the object, and also it involves in the frailty of life.

Idea 2

     I could assemble my scattered idea fragments and concrete my music through a special painting.

    The painting is ‘Dream of Butterfly’ by Lee, Soodong(1959~). When I first saw this painting, I could depict the mood of the story. The fantasy that the picture shows was exactly what I really wanted to express.

    I tried to draw this atmosphere with various piano timbre. Ceaseless movement of piano reflects butterfly’s mild flutting, especially using high range of piano to describe dreamy and light mood of the dream.

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